Dynamic companies are increasingly seizing cross-border opportunities to build their businesses. We have the insight and agility to create the strategies you need to respond quickly to ever-changing tax laws.

Given the globalization and interaction among countries and regions, International Trade &

Customsspecialists of  Salles, Sainz - Grant

Thornton, S.C.are committed to provide integral quality services.

Within our International Trade & Customsdivision, we work with Grant Thornton International’sworldwide network in order to offer integral and timely services required to support our clients’ international businesses within and outside Mexico.

Consulting, Internal Audits and Diagnosis on International Trade transactions

In order to detect irregularities, prevent risks

due to compliance failures, optimize your operations and leverage tax benefits, we offer to our customers consulting, internal audits, and diagnosis services.

Exports Foster Programs

We work in the design and implementation of strategies related to the following programs: 

  • IMMEX.
  • Sectorial Promotion Program (PROSEC
  • by its acronym in Spanish).
  • New Scheme of Certified Company (NEEC by its acronym in Spanish).
  • eight rule mechanism, among others.

Due to recent amendments of the Tax and Customs Legislation, we can assist our clients in the VAT and IEPS certification process.

Advice on non-tariff restrictions

We offer advice regarding the filling and filing of non-tariff restrictions and regulations procedures, such as prior permits, export or import quota, country of origin labeling in imports, etc.

Legal representation before customs authorities

We can act on behalf of our clients and/or

assist them before any custom authorities to obtain authorizations, rulings, importers registry, security matrix to request the data stage of the international trade operations, among others. 

Specialized counsel on free trade agreements

Our specialists in this area offer a wide range of services related to rules and certificates of origin, duty rates, phase out, custom regulations, tariff classification, etc.

We can also offer to our clients the following services: 

  • ongoing training and counsel on import duties and customs valuation
  • outsourcing services related to the correct control and management of the international trade operations.
  •  coordination with the Companies’ custom broker.
  • compliance of non-tariff restrictions and regulations.
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