In the Business Advisory Services (BAS) division, we offer objective and independent certainty, as well as advisory services designed to add value and improve your company’s operations.

Today, the business environment is ever-changing. Risk management has become a complex situation; also, the expectations of stockholders, the board of directors, and the control environment, in general, have increased in a unique way.

Companies must create and implement internal controls that safeguard their assets and business processes.

Through proven risk-driven proceedings and methodologies, we help companies reinforce and improve the effectiveness of their operations in corporate governance, internal controls, and risk management.


Our Advisory Services:

  • Management consulting
  • Forensics
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and valuations
  • Corporate governance and risk management
  • Internal audit
  • Anti-money laundering and anti-corruption practices
  • Recovery and reorganization
  • Information technology

Our Business Advisory Services

Business consulting

Our business consulting services can help you improve your operational performance and productivity, adding value throughout your growth life cycle

Business risk services

Businesses worldwide are facing constant challenges as they try to navigate the wide range of risks involved in complex global markets

Forensic services

Fast-growing organizations need advisers that can dig deep into their business and provide detailed solutions

Recovery & reorganisation

We focus on identifying and resolving issues affecting profitability, protecting enterprise value and facilitating a full recovery where possible

Transactional Advisory Services

We can help you understand the value drivers behind successful transactions

Internal Audit

In today's global economy, organisations - both public and private - must demonstrate that they have adequate controls and safeguards in place

Mauro Gonzalez
Ciudad de México
Mauro Gonzalez
Ciudad de México
Mauro Gonzalez, National Business Advisory Services partner
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Mauro Gonzalez
Mauro Gonzalez