Our Tax Division offers services on Mexican Social Security and Local Tax so as to grant our clients with higher reliability on the compliance of their tax obligations.

Social Security, INFONAVIT, and Local Tax services provided by Salles, Sainz – Grant Thornton, S.C. have, as the main objective, assessing as many options as possible in order to provide the benefits granted by the tax laws for our clients.

Our work is developed both professionally and in a personalized manner. The methodology we use in our audit processes is designed to provide not only advisory on this subject, but also to allow a constant interrelation focused towards meeting the specific needs and expectations of our customers.


The services we offer are the following:

  • Opinions on the degree of compliance with obligations imposed by the Mexican Social Security and INFONAVIT (National Housing Fund) Law.
  • Preparation, presentation and follow up of opinions regarding Mexican Social Security and INFONAVIT.
  • Preparation of diagnosis related to the compliance with the Social Security and INFONAVIT Law in order to establish alternatives aimed at optimizing resources.
  • Support on the SIVEPA (Payments Verification System) notifications sent by the Mexican Social Security to employers.
  • Advise on State and Local taxes.
  • Reduction of the work risk premium on social security.
  • Legal defense on Social Security, INFONAVIT, Property Tax, Water Supply Rights, Payroll Tax, and Local Taxes.
  • Audit report on compliance of taxes for Mexico City.
  • Customization, improvement, and implementation of deductible social welfare plans.
Pedro Zugarramurdi
Pedro Zugarramurdi