Recruitment and Selection Service

We find the talent you are looking for

  • Alignment session of the requested profile
  • Identification of sources and effective means for Recruitment
  • Publication in different sources of Recruitment depending on the profile of the vacancy
  • CV Selection Filter
  • Initial deep interview
  • Psychometric battery application that allows a deep evaluation
  • Candidate Report Delivery
  • Presentation of candidates

Personnel Management Services

Specialized external service

Hiring Process

Through this process we can accompany companies throughout the process of hiring personnel, preparation, control and monitoring of contracts.

Control of personnel files

Efficiency of your core processes and we take care of the safeguarding, control and monitoring of your files, in a virtual environment.

Personnel incidents management

We support organizations to control and monitor incidents such as vacations, disabilities and leave.

Personnel leaving process

Through our specialists, we prepare the documentation and accompany your organization in the execution of the exit processes.

Competence Development Program Service

Growth and development

  • Identification of skills according to your needs
  • Construction of the Organizational Competence Manual
  • Competence assessment
  • Development Program Proposal
  • Execution of the Development Program

Strategic executive coaching

Executive coaching program

Identification of strategic personnel for your company

What is Strategic Coaching?

It is a mechanism for people to achieve extraordinary results to benefit themselves and their communities. In a Coaching process, a methodology is used that will help to achieve specific results. This type of conversation and listening expands the ability to make important changes, move into new areas, and be and have more of who you are and want in your life.

Execution of Strategic Coaching sessions

Strategic Executive Coaching Strategy

Preparing sessions

We prepare the sessions considering the goals to achieve, topics, tools and techniques to be used. 

Providing session

We provide sessions establishing a relationship of trust, using active listening, asking questions that clarify, generate reflection, discovery, and awareness, generating alternatives for action, encouraging feedback.

Evaluating Coaching sessions

We do so through the compilation and documentation of the progress of the according to the initial state and the objectives established for the process.

Establish theoretical, basic and practical knowledge

This knowledge to perform a job, as well as the relevant attitudes of their performance

Organizational Structure Mapping Service

We help your company designing its structure

  • Organizational Structure Administration
  • Organizational Chart Proposal
  • Construction and/or update of Job Profiles
    Construction and/or updating of Job Descriptions according to the needs of the organization

Human Capital Services

Assessment Process Service

We identify your talent

Through an objective evaluation process, we identify your talent.


  • Methodology
  • Results delivery
  • Talent mapping
  • Methodology
    1) Interview by competencies 2) Assessment Center 3) Psychometric battery to measure competences
  • Results delivery
    Results delivery
    Individual report identifying strengths and areas for improvement
  • Talent mapping
    Talent mapping
    Talent Structure

Compliance with the NOM 035


Through this service we help you identify, analyze and prevent psychosocial risk factors in your organization.


  • Psychosocial risk prevention policy
  • Identification of psychosocial risk factors
  • Construction of prevention measures to control risk factors
  • Identification of collaborators who were subjected to severe traumatic events.


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