The Business Process Solutions (BPS) division provides services that represent a key factor in your business management strategy.

BPS is an effective tool that unlocks the potential of small and medium-sized companies. It will allow you to focus your attention on specific objectives and will make your structure more flexible in the face of economic changes, increasing your company’s competitive profile.

BPS delivers a variety of services that go from the necessary procedures to start a new business to complex administrative tasks required to compete in today’s global economy.

This allows you to have agility on your responses and a significant reduction of costs at your organization.

Our work methodology is designed for businesses to transfer the bookkeeping administration to our specialists, increasing your company’s standards to an international quality level.


Our BPS services:

  • Start-up support
  • Registry with local authorities
  • Bookkeeping processing and periodic financial analyses
  • Training of personnel
  • Payroll services
  • Accounting department supervision and review of tax compliance
  • Tax return preparation
  • Other special services

Our Business Process Solutions

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll and, in addition, personnel administration are the biggest and most time-consuming challenges facing expanding organisations

Accounting outsourcing

The goal is to increase the effectiveness of accounting processes, supporting your core business. It was created especially for businesses with high information needs, usually related to working in an international environment

Human Capital Services

We provide solutions for your company in order to identify, evaluate, reward and retain the best talent

Jesus Rebollo
Jesus Rebollo